I’ve published another Bible A.D. short story!

What are Bible A.D. short stories, you may ask? Well, they are using the parables that Jesus told as their inspiration. Because of their short source material, these are naturally short stories, perhaps only 2,000 words long. Currently, I have written two, with hopes of writing many more! The first one is based on the Good Samaritan.

My newest one is based on the parable of the hidden treasure, which is based on an interesting practice from ancient times. It was common for a wealthy person to divide his or her fortune into thirds. One third would be used to carry out business and day to day living. One third would be invested in precious metals or jewels which could easily be packed and carried  if the household had to flee an advancing enemy. The final third was buried somewhere, with the hope of returning and claiming it whenever the danger was passed and they were able to return home. However, this did not always happen, and if no one else knew where the treasure was buried, it would remain there until someone stumbled upon it.

As I said, this was a common practice back then, so the people of Jesus’ time were familiar with it, which is why Jesus used this practice in a parable.

Have I peaked your interest? Check out Buried Treasure available only on kindle.

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