Bible A.D. Series

In the country of Perea, a competition is being held for King Xavier to find a new queen. When Hannah, who renames herself Esther to hide her religious beliefs from those who would use it against her, is chosen as Xavier’s new wife, she finds herself in a position of power to save her people, who are threatened by the shrewd and scheming Hayden. But will her belief in God save her and her people? Or will King Xavier punish her for hiding her beliefs in the Lord? Find out in this modern telling of an ancient tale, Esther A. D.

When Ruth goes to replace her computer keypad, she meets the man of her dreams, who introduces her to faith and the Lord. But when tragedy strikes and she moves with her mother-in-law back to her homeland of Maloria, she is met with contempt for being a foreigner. No one wants to hire a Perean. She is finally given a chance by Jacob Boaz, a kind and caring man with one of the largest farms in the country. Will Ruth have a second chance at love? Find out in Ruth AD, book two of Lydia Eberhardt’s Bible AD series.

A snowy night. A slippery road. An accident. Who will stop to help? Find out in the modern retelling of The Good Samaritan parable.

Jason’s parents were killed in the war as they were attempting to escape. But they sent him a map, showing where they buried some of their belongings before they tried to flee. Now Jason returns with his son, Javi, and Ethan, a treasure hunter, to try and find a piece of his past.