Christmas Memories: Christmas Joy

The tree is done. The ornaments are all hung, the tree topper placed with loving care. The lights are twinkling, causing glittering sparkles all over. Time for a chocolate covered cherry! At least that’s how we did it. As a reward for working hard and not giving up (trust me, it took a long time to put hundreds of ornaments up, even with five girls … Continue reading Christmas Memories: Christmas Joy

Christmas Memories: Stille Nacht/Silent Night

Every year on Christmas Eve, we had the children’s service at my church. It was our opportunity to share the good news of the coming Savior, whose birth we celebrate on Christmas Day. We recited memorized Bible passages and sang memorized hymn verses to a church filled with our parents, grandparents, and whatever other family had come for the holiday. One of my favorite times … Continue reading Christmas Memories: Stille Nacht/Silent Night

Christmas Memories: Penguins

PENGUINS!!! My husband and I like penguins. It’s kind of our thing. We didn’t mean to start collecting them (the first one I bought to cheer up my husband, and now…a hundred and mmmhhmmh stuffed penguins later, we are always on the lookout for one we don’t have yet. Plus there’s lots of other things that have penguins on them too. But we aren’t completely … Continue reading Christmas Memories: Penguins

Christmas Memories: Grandma

Crafting runs in both sides of my family. While my mother’s side is more into knitting and crochet, my father’s mother loved to needlepoint. I have a large framed picture she made, and I have a vague memory of a needlepoint covered bench being in their house. Sadly she passed away from cancer when I was still quite young, but I do still have a … Continue reading Christmas Memories: Grandma

Christmas Memories: My Students

There are multiple student teaching experiences one completes in the journey to become a teacher. One of my experiences was in December of 2003 (which in the Midwest meant a few snow days due to snowy/slippery roads, but we still had enough days to count the experience as completed, thankfully!). At the completion of those weeks, the class gave me a signed ornament as a … Continue reading Christmas Memories: My Students

Christmas Memories: Fruit and Tree Toppers

I was so busy cooking yesterday I forgot all about working on my post for today, but today’s post fits with the food theme, so it’s kind of funny (at least to me) that happened. Some of my parents’ most memorable ornaments were fruit ornaments. While many people have a pickle on their tree, we had peaches, strawberries, and apples. We would always try and … Continue reading Christmas Memories: Fruit and Tree Toppers

Christmas Memories: Fandom

Many people love to buy ornaments that express their appreciation for various parts of pop culture. My oldest sister’s family, for example, has a second, smaller tree they put up that is completely covered with Doctor Who fandom ornaments. I am what can be considered a bit of a nerd, and therefore my tree is not exempt. I have Hallmark’s Enterprise from First Contact (shown … Continue reading Christmas Memories: Fandom

Christmas Memories: My Husband

I met my husband just before Christmas many (eight is many, right?) years ago. Even though he didn’t know much about me or my love of Christmas back then, the first thing he ever gave me was a Christmas ornament! (It’s the one in the picture just below.) A wonderful ornament depicting the beautiful Mt. Rainier. I just realized the light behind it makes it … Continue reading Christmas Memories: My Husband

Christmas Memories: Mom, Crochet, & Friendship

I still remember watching my grandmother as she would crochet–the flash of the needle as she moved so fast my young eyes could never follow. (Even when she “slowed down” it seemed much too fast to follow.) As a young girl, my mother taught me how to crochet, although for the longest time I hated patterns and would just make up whatever I wanted (it … Continue reading Christmas Memories: Mom, Crochet, & Friendship