Fairy Tales Retold: A fresh look at some classic tales.

“I wasn’t always a beast. I was born a prince. To this day I am not sure why. I still remember the day that it happened even though it was many, many years ago.” Join the Beast on a tale of revenge, redemption, and the power of love in this retelling of the classic fairy tale “Beauty and the Beast” told from the Beast’s perspective.

I stepped back again, repulsed, and bumped into the wall. “Never.” I slid sideways towards the bedroom door. “I will never help you do…that.” I grabbed the doorknob.

The witch’s lip raised in a sneer. “Oh, I think you will. You won’t have a choice.”

My arms and legs felt wooden and stiff. I looked down at my fingers in horror as the seemed to merge with the knob.

“What is happening?” My voice creaked like an old door. It felt like I was being stretched and flattened. Surprisingly, it wasn’t painful. In fact, I didn’t fell anything anymore.

“Why magic, of course.” I heard Rosina the Witch cackle, and then there was nothing.

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